Safety Fuel

Safety Fuel SF5100 DIESEL additive

SF5100 is an additive for total treatment of Diesel and Gasoil – fuel

This additive is not petrol-based and is for 95% biodegradable, which makes it a unique and effective product on the market.

SF5100 can be used for:

  • All types of diesel-engines.
  • With or without Particle filter, Turbo or catalytic.
  • Fuel heating systems.
  • Marine diesel engines.
  • Fuel storage.

Safety Data Sheet

SF5100 is multi-functional and is effective for:

Effectively eliminates problems due to presence of water and moisture in fuel tanks. By adding the SF5100 additive, water will be absorbed and neutralized in the fuel.

SF5100 prevents the development of algae’s- and bacteria’s. SF5100 also has strong biocide/fungicide action to kill present bacteria’s and algae’s. As SF5100 mixes completely with water, the whole water present is treated.

SF5100 has a strong antioxidant action to preserve the fuel quality during storage, this way fuel quality can be guaranteed up to 24 months.

SF5100 contains special lubricants to provide supplementary lubrication to the upper engines parts ; valves, injection-pump and injectors. This reduces effectively the risk of blocking or seizure of injector nozzles.

Cleans the injection system (injectors and valves), EGR valve, particle filter and exhaust system. Cleans quickly and maintains clean.

Improves combustion and atomization of the fuel.

Improves cetane levels, improves performance and reduces consumption.

Additionally lowers the pour point of fuel with up-to 6-7 °C

  • Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Improves acceleration and efficiencies.
  • Longer live expectance of the engine and lower maintenance costs.
  • Keeps the fuel in optimal condition.

Additive SF5100 is an additive for complete treatment of Diesel- and Gasoil fuel

Use / Applications

FunctionDosage RateMixing
Diesel engines and rolling materiel.1 Lit SF5100 for 1000 Lit fuelAdd SF5100 in the tank before refilling with fuel to ensure proper mixing with the fuel.
Tank treatment for heatingPreventive: 1 Lit SF5100 for 2000liter
installations and storage.Curing: 1 Lit SF5100 for 1000 liter


Visual aspectVisualTransparent liquid
DensityD 12980.90
Viscosity cst 40°CD 4452.4 – 2.6
Pour point/-30 °C
Ignition point ° CD 9265 °C

SF5100 is rapidly biodegradable up to 95% within 28 days.


200ml , 1L, 5L, 20L, 60L, 210L, IBC 1000L


Conforms to norm: EN 590

Safety Fuel’s Demonstrations

Safety Fuel SF5100 Diesel Engine – Combustion Cleaner

Safety Fuel SF5100 Diesel Engine – Oxidation Cleaner

Safety Fuel SF5100 Diesel Engine – Water Cleaner