WG 900

Grading width 90 cm and 180 cm with rubber web

The innovative grader unit with its compact design and height-adjustable chassis is easy to integrate into the crop flow.

The rubber web, with low impact on the crop, offers an ideal coordination between grading accuracy and flow rate thanks to its infinitely variable drive. A special rubber discharge chute at the end of the web delivers the crop onto following equipment with a very low drop height.

A soft lifter in front of the drive drum ensure gentle crop lifting without damage. By connecting several WG in series, different grading sizes can be generated in one step.

  • Low-wear rubber web as standard
  • Gentle grading via rubber web in 2 grades
  • Reduced drop heights via high position of the crop cross conveyor
  • Accurate grading via infinitely adjustable 2-roller agitator frequency range – optimum oscillation of the rubber webs
  • Simple integration into the storage line via height adjustable crop discharge chute
  • Quick rubber web change by varying sizes
  • Special arranged paddle lifter for gentle crop lifting

  • Height adjustable chassis
  • Infinitely adjustable rubber web speed
  • Soft lifter in front of the drive roller
  • Infinitely adjustable 2-roller agitator
  • Grading cross conveyor
  • Crop discharge chute (WG 900 Single)
  • 1 piece / set rubber web with conical holes

 WG 900 SingleWG 900 Tandem
Length1850 mm-
Transport length1500 mm-
Belt width900 mm2x 900 mm
Intake height (min.)1250 mm-
Pre-grading cross conveyor width1100 mm-
Crop cross conveyor width (option)650 mm-
Cross conveyor length2000 mm3000 mm
Discharge height pre-grading cross conveyor800 mm-
Discharge height crop cross conveyor (option)900 mm-
Power supply
Voltage400 V-
Frequency50 Hz-
Service3 kW4 kW