Store Loader 125 & 145

Operating range up to 14.5 m, belt width 65 cm

The Store Loader with its 65 cm wide belt is the ideal choice for medium sized farms. The machine convinces with its convenient operation and high storage performance of potatoes, onions, carrots or grain.

The large wheel overhang ensures maximum maneuverability which reduces the need to move the machine.

Unique details of the chassis construction, the steering system as well as the infinitely drive as standard enable when in maximum length, high output and high maneuverability.

  • Trough-shaped belt and active side panels achieve gentle conveying
  • Optimum dragging effect via crop- and belt-saving flights on the conveyor belt
  • Optimum crop flow due to infinitely variable belt speed
  • Traction free pulled belt drive
  • Gooseneck at head end ensures minimum transfer height
  • Optimal adaption via infinitely speed adjustment
  • Comfortable operation via standard swivelling limit
  • Closed and strong frame construction ensures long lifetime
  • Manoeuvrable and compact with maximum wheel overhang
  • Easy operation via control box

  • Drawbar easy to dismantle
  • Hollow-shaped belt with specific GRIMME SL – flights
  • Ball-bearing steel support rollers, lifetime-lubricated and maintenance-free
  • Pulled belt drive
  • Infinitely speed adjustment via manual control valve
  • Gentle crop intake via rubber intake hopper
  • Gooseneck at head end
  • Infinitely adjustable wheel drive via manual control valve
  • Free-wheel clutch for drive
  • Limitation of the swivelling range by means of 2 optical sensors
  • Electrical control box

 SL 125SL 145
Transport length retraced [G]7800 mm9100 mm
Transport length extended [H]12500 mm14500 mm
Minimum reach [D]4400 mm5500 mm
Maximum reach [E]9000 mm11000 mm
Belt width650 mm-
Width in transport position [I]1950 mm2250 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration3700 kg4200 kg
Intake height (min.)950 mm-
Height min. [B]450 mm450 mm
Height max. [C]5800 mm7000 mm
Swivelling radius [J]3100 mm-
Power supply
Voltage400 V-
Frequency50 Hz-