Single Conveyor SC 80

Variable transport length up to 12 m, belt width 80 cm

The robust construction ensures a gentle crop transfer into storage. The conveyor with its 7 m, 9 m or 12 m range and 80 cm width convinces with a high throughput rate with minimum impact on the crop.

The construction permits a trouble- and maintenance-free operation. The optionally available tandem wheels support an easy shift in position.

The couplings connect the conveyors and the store loader and allows a shift in position without interruption.

  • Trough-shaped belt and active side panels achieve gentle conveying
  • Closed and strong frame construction ensures long lifetime, protects rollers or other turning parts
  • Easy to move and therefore simple to integrate into the storage line
  • Height adjustable at both side for easy integration into the line
  • Optimum crop flow due to infinitely variable belt speed
  • Traction free pulled belt drive

  • Trough shaped conveyor belts with active sides
  • Ball-bearing steel support roller, lifetime-lubricated and maintenance-free
  • Pulled belt drive
  • Infinitely adjustable belt speed
  • Infinitely height adjustable chassis

 SC 80-7SC 80-9SC 80-12
Transport length7000 mm9000 mm12000 mm
Belt width800 mm--
Intake height (min.)750 mm--
Intake height (max.)1250 mm--
Height min. [B]550 mm--
Height max. [C]1100 mm--
Power supply
Voltage400 V--
Frequency50 Hz--
Power at belt speed 20 - 50 m/min (standard)3 kW--
Output at belt speed 20 - 50 m/min (option)4 kW--
Power at belt speed 20 - 65 m/min (option)4 kW--