RH 12 E

Intake volume up to 6 m³ and soil cleaning

The strong receiving hoppers of the E-series not only steal the show with their excellent price-performance-ratio, but also impress with a high performance combined with minimum damage to the crop as well as a variety of innovative and practical solutions

  • Compactly designed receiving hopper, particularly suitable for narrow building arrangements
  • Gentle intake due to soft rubber floor
  • Optimum dragging effect via crop- and belt-saving flights on the conveyor belt
  • Optimum crop flow due to infinitely variable hopper floor speed
  • Gentle crop discharge from the hopper floor onto the spiral coils
  • Gentle soil cleaning with PU spiral rollers
  • Infinitely speed adjustment in two packets (coil 1, 3, 5 and 2, 4, 6) ensure optimal separation
  • Quick adaption of the soil cleaning to varying amount of trash via infinitely leveling and distance adjustment of the PU-coils
  • The intensity of cleaning can be adapted via leveling adjustment
  • Maintenance free direct drives
  • Hydraulic drives enable an infinitely adjustment and thus a targeted adaptation of the machine for a particularly gentle cleaning
  • Simple operation via manual valves

  • Soft rubber belt with 15 mm high flights
  • Height adjustable intake flap
  • Infinitely adjustable hopper floor speed via manual control valve
  • Soil cleaning C6 with PU spiral coils
  • Soil cleaning unit with manual distance and levelling adjustment
  • Infinitely speed adjustment of the PU cleaning rollers via manual control valve
  • Difference speed setting of the PU spiral coils
  • Crop discharge chute

 RH 12-40 ERH 16-40 E
Intake height (min.)850 mm-
Intake height (max.)1000 mm-
Intake width2900 mm-
Hopper floor width1400 mm-
Hopper floor length4000 mm-
Hopper floor speed1 - 5 m/min-
Capacity with small receiving funnel (standard)4 m³-
Capacity with large receiving funnel (option)6 m³-
Soil cleaning / pre-grading
Width1200 mm1600 mm
Number of coils6-
Coil distance5 - 55 mm-
Soil cross conveyor width (option)650 mm-
Soil cross conveyor width-650 mm
Crop cross conveyor width (option)-650 mm
Cross conveyor length-3000 mm
Soil cross conveyor length (option)2000 mm-