RH 12 Combi

Intake volume up to 8 m³ and soil cleaning, pre-grading and picking

The compact Combi suits especially medium sized farms. The design of the hopper floor and cleaning unit, as well as the infinite drive combine high output with extremely gentle crop handling at the same time.

The roller picking table turns the crop while transferring, to assist picking.

Depending on the requirements as regards accuracy of grading and gentle crop handling, the Combi can be combined with a web grader or a one- or two-stage coil unit.

  • Compactly designed receiving hopper, particularly suitable for narrow building arrangements
  • Gentle intake due to soft rubber floor
  • Optimum dragging effect via crop- and belt-saving flights on the conveyor belt
  • Optimum crop flow due to infinitely variable hopper floor speed
  • Gentle crop discharge from the hopper floor onto the spiral coils
  • Gentle soil cleaning with PU spiral rollers
  • Infinitely speed adjustment in two packets (coil 1, 3, 5 and 2, 4, 6) ensure optimal separation
  • Quick adaption of the soil cleaning to varying amount of trash via infinitely levelling and distance adjustment of the PU-coils
  • the intensity of cleaning can be adapted via levelling adjustment
  • perfect transfer in variable conditions: a constant and protective crop flow from the soil cleaning unit onto the roller picking table is even ensured, when the distance of the rollers of the cleaning unit are adjusted. This is made possible by a mechanical coupling of the cleaning unit and the roller picking table.
  • Ergonomically designed roller picking table
  • Variable use by a wide range of sorting- respectively pre-grading units (WG 900, pre-grading via PU-spiral rollers into one or two sizes)
  • Maintenance free direct drives
  • hydraulic drives enable an infinitely adjustment and thus a targeted adaptation of the machine for a particularly gentle cleaning
  • Comfortable operation via GBT 831 operator terminal

  • Soft rubber belt with 15 mm high flights
  • Height adjustable intake flap
  • Infinitely adjustable hopper floor speed
  • Soil cleaning C6 with PU spiral coils
  • Hydraulic distance adjustment of the soil cleaning unit
  • Infinitely speed adjustment of the PU spiral coils
  • Difference speed setting of the PU spiral coils
  • Soil cross conveyor
  • Roller picking table for up to 4 persons
  • Working platform with incl. 2 stairs
  • 2 lights
  • Emergency stop via cable control
  • Infinitely adjustable picking web speed
  • Crop cross conveyor
  • Operation via GBT 831 operator terminal (incl. 8 m connecting cable)

 RH 12-40 CombiRH 12-60 Combi
Intake height (min.)850 mm-
Intake height (max.)1000 mm-
Intake width2900 mm-
Hopper floor width1400 mm-
Hopper floor length4000 mm6000 mm
Hopper floor speed1 - 5 m/min-
Capacity6 m³8 m³
Soil cleaning / pre-grading
Width1200 mm-
Number of coils6-
Coil distance5 - 45 mm-
Power supply
Voltage400 V-
Frequency50 Hz-
Power with crop cross conveyor following picking table (standard)10 kW-
Power with F6 following picking table (option)15 kW-
Output with F7F6 following picking table (option)-15 kW
Output with WG 900 following picking table (option)10 kW-