New Holland T6070 (140HP)

Whether you’re looking for proven performance in a value package or a tractor that gives you the latest electronic conveniences and push-button simplicity, the new T6070 tractors are built for you. You choose the variant  that’s configured perfectly for your application.

  • Delta configuration models offer class-leading performance in a base-level configuration for tight budgets.
  • Plus configuration models raise the bar for on-the-job performance, offering a range of options including a semi-power shift transmission, higher- capacity closed-enter hydraulic system, and the Horizon cab with added comfort features.
  • Elite configuration models deliver top-of-the-line comfort and performance features including engines with Electronic Power Management, Power Boost (in transport
    and PTO applications), Custom Headland Management, and Electronic Draft Control.

High-visibility Command Center

Enjoy a spacious work space and natural controls with
the T6070 flat deck or Horizon™ cab.












When you enter the Horizon cab, prepare yourself for ultra-quiet comfort. Interior sound level is as low as 70 dba. Add spacious dimensions and attention to detail, and it’s easy to see how the Horizon cab makes you more productive. The deluxe air-ride seat swivels, supports, and adjusts for maximum comfort, while an optional full-size instructor seat puts co-workers at ease, too.

A full 5.85 square meters of glass provides clear sight lines in every direction. There’s even a high-visibility roof panel to provide an upward view that makes it easy to see a raised loader bucket. A retractable sunshade blocks glare on Delta models, and an automotive style sunshade on Plus and Elite models opens for fresh air.

Move the steering wheel only 10 degrees to execute a full turn.

Whether you will use your T6070 tractor for row-crop work or with a loader, the FastSteer™ turning system option saves you effort and time. This innovative system is available on Plus FWD models and Elite models.

No more revolutions

The FastSteer system allows you to complete a hard right or left turn by moving the steering wheel a mere 10 degrees. Imagine the energy you will save by simply nudging the steering wheel at the headland or the next time you turn to load a bucketful of silage or manure. No more turning, turning and turning the wheel.

T6070 engine delivers outstanding power with less fuel, lower emissions.

You encounter tough conditions every day, and T6070 tractor engine is up to the challenge. Turbocharged six-cylinder engine on the T6070 provides dependable,
quiet power day in and day out. With up to 47% torque reserve on tap (depending on model), these engines will respond when terrain, soil or crop conditions get really tough.

Reliable Design

These time-proven engines feature a durable, computer-designed, parent-bore cylinder block for extended life. The contoured block design features a contoured outer surface for increased structural strength. Air-to-air inter-cooling  improves performance, while a five-blade viscous fan maintains temperature, reduces noise, lowers horsepower consumption, and saves fuel.

Six-cylinder Elite models feature the ultimate in “set and forget” convenience.

When you step up to a T6070 tractor equipped with the electronic six-cylinder engine, you can also step up to the flexibility and control of the Power Command™
full power shift transmission. This premium transmission offers the ultimate in convenience and personalized programming. Automatic shifting in the field,
and on the road Apatented torque sensing system allows the Power Command transmission to do the shifting for you, with no mechanical shifting required.

Simply press the “Auto” button for automatic shifting that rivals the smoothness of your car or truck. You program the transmission to automatically shift when speed
increases or decreases by 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 percent—whatever suits your application. In the field, the system maintains your throttle setting and automatically shifts up or down as needed from gears one to 11.

When using the “Auto” mode while transporting, you have access to gears 7 through 18.

Ample flow and lift capacity expand the versatility of your T6070 tractor.

You’ll appreciate the flexibility and unwavering power of the T6070 hydraulic system. While the hydraulic systems found on some tractors rely on a single pump, the
T6070 hydraulic system uses two pumps for better response and the ability to perform multiple hydraulic functions simultaneously – without sacrificing performance.

Two pumps are better than one

The open-center hydraulic system used on Delta and Plus models features a 63 (Delta) or 80 (Plus) litresper- minute (lpm) fixed-displacement gear pump and a separate 40 lpm steering pump (47 lpm on models equipped with the 16×16 transmission). Elite models offer a more advanced closed-center load-sensing hydraulic system (optional on Plus models) and a variable-displacement piston pump that delivers a flow of 100 lpm to the rear remotes, three point hitch and loader. A separate
40 lpm pump provides flow for steering and services circuit.

Flow control is standard equipment.

Configurable detents are standard on Elite models and optional on Plus models. For maximum in-cab control, Plus and Elite models can be equipped with two, three or four fully programmable electro-hydraulic remotes. You control the flow rate and program the timing of each valve right from your tractor seat.

Impressive Lift Capacity

Three-point hitch capacity for T6070 tractor is up to 8,257 kg for Elite models and up to 7,864 kg for Plus models. Delta models feature mechanical draft control with a lift capacity up to 6,332 kg. Telescoping stabilizers and optional flexible or hook-type link ends on all T6070 models make it easy to hook up
and change implements.

Automatic FWD and diff lock engagement provides optimum traction at every moment.

You can be sure that maximum power is put to the ground no matter what the working condition when your T6070 FWD tractor is equipped with the New Holland TerraLock™ traction system. The TerraLock system provides fully automatic FWD and front and rear differential lock engagement, allowing full-drive capability through all four wheels for more positive traction. It’s standard on models equipped with the SuperSteer™ or TerraGlide™ FWD axles, and available on other T6070

Three modes match your needs

The TerraLock switch has three positions—off, full-time and automatic. In automatic mode, the TerraLock system engages and disengages front wheel drive and four-wheel differential lock depending on:

  • Steering angle
  • Forward ground speed
  • 3-point hitch quick raise use
  • Brake application

Automatic mode gives you the best performance advantages by delivering optimum traction when traveling straight, then disengaging FWD and diff lock when you turn the steering wheel, to give you better maneuverability. If forward speed exceeds 15 km/h, both FWD and differential locks will also temporarily disengage. When TerraLock is engaged full time, both FWD and differential lock remain engaged until you activate the brakes. You also have the option of turning TerraLock off to completely disengage FWD and front and rear diff lock.

Four-wheel Assisted Braking

Self-adjusting, self-equalizing hydraulic wet disc brakes deliver the stopping power you need. When both brake pedals are applied simultaneously, FWD engages automatically to aid in braking action for added control.

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