Transport Technology

Krone’s Transport Technology

More and more professional farmers and contractors opt for transport technology from Krone. This is no surprise as Krone forage wagons offer plenty of technical features that offer added value for its owner, including the cam-less EasyFlow pick-up unit, a massive cutting and feeder drum as well as a knife bank that swings out to the side and has all its knives locked in a single operation.

Filling a Krone TX forage transport wagon from the forage harvester is as easy as it can get. Also, the machine offers a tremendous capacity and gives swift road travel as well as speedy unloading on the clamp. A benchmark in the industry, a Krone TX cuts your costs and boosts your productivity.

AX – Self-loading & Forager-filled Forage Wagons

MX - Forage
& Discharge

RX – Self-loading & Harvester-filled Forage Wagon

ZX Self-loading & Harvester-filled Forage Wagons

Forage Transport Wagon