Four-Rotor Rakes

Trailed four-rotor centre-delivery rakes

  • Variable, up to 13.50 m (44’4″) work widths
  • Convenient handling from a choice of KRONE operator terminals or an existing in-cab ISOBUS terminal.
  • Foldable tines (Swadro 1400) or a hydraulically lowering running gear (Swadro 1400 Plus) reduce the transport height to less than 4 m (13’2″)

The high-performance four-rotor centre-delivery rakes: Swadro 1400 and 1400 Plus from KRONE have four rotors that work at variable widths between 11.00 m (36’1″) and 13.50 m (44’4″) and easily achieve work rates of up to 13 ha (32 acres) per hour. These machines stand out for high capacity, quick changeovers, rapid travel, great longevity and easy use. Their enormous effi ciency makes Swadro 1400 and 1400 Plus very viable machines that meet the demands of contractors and coops.

  • Maintenance-free rotors and rotor gearboxes
  • Hard-wearing DuraMax cam tracks with a three-year warranty
  • Rotors featuring the KRONE Jet Effect to avoid crop contamination on headlands

Permanently lubricated and maintenance-free. The enclosed bevel gearboxes and the tine arm rollers are permanently lubricated for optimum care and attention. So, operators need not bother to lube a single component on the rotor.

Steep cam tracks: As the rollers move in steep cam tracks they lift and lower the tine arms quickly and with greatest precision to the effect that the crop stays clean and the windrows are tidy and boxy. The 47 mm (2″) diameter tine guiding rollers offer a generous contact area, are protected from ingress of dust and absolutely maintenance-free.

Hard-wearing KRONE DuraMax cam tracks: For greatest longevity, these cam tracks are made from high-tensile and Bainite-tempered cast SG iron which offers exceptional resistance to wear and tear and is absolutely maintenance-free. For this reason, KRONE is able to offer a three-year warranty on these DuraMax cam tracks.

Great stability and excellent tracking

  • Cleanest rakes as the bogie wheels run in vicinity of the tines
  • Straightforward angle adjustment
  • Castering wheels are standard at the front and an option at the rear to protect the sward

The KRONE Tridem running gear: All rotors run on a Tridem running gear from KRONE. Specified as standard, the running gear consists of an extra wide rear axle and a flexible front axle which form a triangle. Occupying all space under the rotor, the construction has the wheels stabilise the rotors exactly in those areas the tines work under load.

Wide track width and quiet running: It is the extra wide tracking width of the running gear that absorbs the forces that are generated by the rotors and keeps them level and stable in undulating terrain.

The Tandem running gear: A Tandem running gear is available for the rear axle where it enhances rotor control.

Stable running and tidy windrowing

  • Large-diameter and thick-walled tine arms ensure absolutely dependable operation
  • Easy and fast tine arm attachment and removal
  • Sturdy foldback mechanism

Each tine arm is easily removed: Simply undo two bolts to remove the entire arm complete with bearing and roller.

Folding tine arms: Most Swadro models can be specified with foldable tine arms that reduce the machine’s storage and transport height clearly below 4 m (13’2″).

Better and faster – courtesy of KRONE Lift Tines
All rakes in this brochure are specified with the new Lift Tines. The specialty about these is the fact that they are angled in two different positions. This optimized design brings special advantages which have been explored in field trials by KRONE and verified by a DLG test.

KRONE rakes with Lift Tines

  • They rake up more material per hectare at typical work rates and with tines in typical settings and cut common loss rates by 50%
  • They deliver clearly higher work rates without compromising on the quality of work and increase the overall output by up to 27 %
  • They give more effective rakes and protect the sward at an up to 1 cm (3’3″) higher ground clearance
  • They lead to better quality forage, as their Lift effect and higher ground clearance minimize contamination

Setting the tines to an optimum position: The special Lift tines perform better, because their ends maintain a steep angle even in heavy crop and lift it more easily, which leads to more uniform windrows. As a result, the machine can work at a faster pace and still deliver consistently well shaped windrows.

No crop contamination: Thanks to their excellent performance, the Lift tines can work at a greater ground clearance than traditional tines. And thus reduce the risk of crop contamination as well as tine wear.

Great flexibility and cleanest rakes

  • Optimum contouring in any direction through pivoting rotors
  • Cleanest forage from the KRONE Jet Effect during take-off and touch-down
  • Central suspension for a uniform ground pressure across the full widths of the rotors

The cardanic rotor suspension: The rotors pivot in and across the direction of travel to give optimum adaptation to undulating ground. A cardanic joint on the arm with two elongated holes prevents the tines from being pressed into the ground or from being left suspended in the air, thereby avoiding crop contamination as well as throwing the grass about.

The central suspension: The rotors suspend centrally across the direction of travel which allows them to produce consistent and high-quality windrows. The special suspension ensures they always stay level as they lift and lower on the headland. In addition, the machine’s weight is distributed uniformly on all wheels of the running gear as it travels down the field.

The KRONE Jet Effect prevents the tines from damaging the sward on the headland and ensures the crop stays clean. As the bogies are lowered into work, the rear wheels touch down first before the leading wheels follow. Vice versa, as the rotors lift out it is the leading wheels that lift out first and the rear wheels that follow. This is identical with the take-off and touch-down phases observed with airplanes.

The trailing rotors: The rotors are trailed rather than being pushed in direction of travel. Therefore they enjoy greater flexibility in following ground contours and there is no risk of tines being pressed into the soil

The Alpha control box: The Alpha control unit Swadro 1400 gives fi nger-tip control of rotor height, work width and windrowing width as well as individual or sequential rotor up/down.

The Delta operator terminal: The Delta terminal has a backlit display which shows the current settings. This terminal provides all Alpha features plus auto height control on Swadro 1400 Plus after the height was set on one rotor. An optional joystick is available to off er even more convenient operation.

CCI 200 operator terminal: This terminal off ers the same features as Delta and is ISOBUS-compatible as well, which means it can be fi tted to most ISOBUS machinery irrespective of the make. This terminal is also available with an optional joystick.

The ISOBUS-compatible tractor terminal: Here is an example of an ISOBUS-compatible tractor terminal which controls all machine functions.

Changing work widths hydraulically: The work width on the front and rear rotors is adjusted by telescoping the arms hydraulically, thereby moving also the positions of the right-angle gearboxes which drive the front rotors. This system warrants effective overlapping of both ends of the driveshafts irrespective of the current work width.

Electric rotor height control: Controlling the height of the rotors conveniently from a cab-based terminal with large display screen is standard specification on these models. This way, the operator adjusts all rotors at once or each rotor individually. Swadro 1400 Plus allows operators to set the height on one rotor and then have all others adopt the current setting.

The running gear: All Swadro 1400 models have running gears that offer wide trackwidths, big flotation tyres and air brakes. Folding into a slim 3 m (9’10”) transport width and a transport height of less than 4 m (13’2″), they can easily travel at 40 km/h (25 mph) on public roads. The Swadro 1400 Plus runs on an undercarriage that offers hydraulic height control.

A comfortable transport height: The outboard arms on the Swadro 1400 rotors fold over and thus reduce the machine’s transport height to less than 4 m (13’2″), whereas Swadro 1400 Plus operators lower the chassis hydraulically to achieve the desired transport height.

Attaching to the tractor links: The two-point headstock pivots sideways, giving generous lateral movement without straining the drive shafts of course.

The ball hitch: The rake is also available with a ball hitch system which makes for easy and fast attachment and removal. Also, there is no jolting and travel is safe and comfortable.