Krone OptiMaize

KRONE OptiMaize offers the answer to the chop length question. KRONE provides not only a wide range of technical solutions for silage harvesting, but also sees maize crop production as an entity and, based on this, serves as adviser for agricultural contractors and farmers – from seeding the crop right through to harvest. The KRONE OptiMaize System delivers tailor-made solutions to suit all requirements, especially those of chop length and conditioning intensity.

The length of cut in maize silage is always down to the destined application of the silage (see table). On principle, the chops can be shorter the more roughage, such as grass, is added to the ration to add structure to the regime.

OptiMaizing – No matter which LOC you choose, it is essential that the kernels are not just damaged but in fact crushed to very small fragments, because only then can the nutritious starch be available to the cow and is not released undigested. Krone offers six different rollercrackers and one disc cracker that offer the best choice for every silage application. The disc cracker is particularly recommended for OptiMaize XL.


  • The KRONE OptiMaize chopping drums off er a wide range of technical solutions that achieve an equally wide range of chop lengths. The drums can be operated with all or half the number of blades, producing any chopping length your customers may ask for. Changing OptiMaize S to OptiMaize XL is very quick and easy – thanks to a unique design that allows fastest blade attachment and removal. Not convenient enough? Then take a look at our new VariLOC pulley gearbox which converts the drum from S to XL within minutes.

    OptiMaize S
    The 40-blade drum:
    This ‘biogas drum’ delivers an extremely high cutting frequency. With all blades in place it is the specialist drum for the kind of short LOCs that biogas plants want. And you can easily convert it to long-chop lengths by removing half the blades.
    LOC range:
    2.5-15 mm from 40 blades
    5-29 mm from 20 blades
    OptiMaize M, S
    The 36-blade drum:
    Handling massive throughputs and providing a wide range of cutting lengths, this 36-blade drum will earn its keep in no time. Remove half the blades and the unit is perfect for long-chop applications.
    LOC range:
    3-17 mm from 36 blades
    6-34 mm from 18 blades
    OptiMaize L, M
    The 28-blade drum:
    This is our universal drum. Used with just half the number of blades, it is perfect for producing long-chop silage.
    LOC range:
    4-21 mm from 28 blades
    8-42 mm from 14 blades
    OptiMaize XL
    The 20-blade drum:
    This drum cuts the kind of long lengths that are called for in some countries.
    LOC range:
    5-29 mm from 20 blades

  • Tailor-made systems that boost your bottom line

    • Large 250 mm diameter rollers
    • Perfect conditioning from a large friction surface area
    • 30% speed difference for maximum fracturing
    • A different number of teeth for each LOC range
    Optimal digestibility
    Livestock farmers want forage that is very easy to digest. This means every single kernel needs to be cracked and husks, leaves and stalks must be fractured, even when you’re chopping long lengths. KRONE roller conditioners deliver just that. Larger diameter rolls and larger friction faces deliver top quality conditioning and perfect results.

    Our standard conditioners are available with 105, 123 or 144 teeth. These teeth feature a special triangular design which ensures perfect crop treatment.

    Developed for heavy-duty applications, the chrome plated roller conditioner has an extremely long service life. Providing a sawtooth friction face, these rollers deliver maximum conditioning. The rollers are available with 105, 123 or 144 teeth.

The system for maximum conditioning

  • Powerful disc conditioner with a friction surface area 2.5 times larger than that of the roller conditioner
  • Perfect conditioning and fracturing
  • Large 265 mm disc diameter
  • Disc gap adjusts conveniently from the cab

With V-shaped gaps between the individual discs to increase the friction surface area, the KRONE disc conditioner delivers maximum conditioning while requiring low power input, producing perfectly conditioned forage.

The KRONE disc conditioner: The disc conditioner assembly is made up of two shafts with interlocking discs that provide V-shaped gaps to crack the kernels. This design has 2.5 times the friction face of a roller conditioner and delivers outstanding conditioning and fracturing, even in high throughputs and long LOCs.

The pulley gearbox – a KRONE exclusive

  • A unique world innovation
  • Turns your forage harvester into an all-rounder
  • Switches flexibly from short cuts to long cuts
  • Changeover takes less than 5 minutes
  • No downtime, no machine conversion, no up-front planning
Biogas in the morning (S) – long chop silage in the afternoon (XL)
Forming an integral part of the pulley, VariLOC is a gearbox that shifts the speed of the chopping drum. By changing the drum speed from 1250rpm to 800rpm with a simple spanner, you can increase the LOC range by up to 53%. This way you can instantly change over from short to long cuts and vice versa within a few minutes, allowing you to respond to customer requirements at short notice without any prior modifications to the machine or up-front planning.
Combined with the new 105/123 tooth roller conditioner (with 30% speed difference) or the disc conditioner, this gearbox turns your BiG X into an all-rounder and gives you maximum flexibility.