Spray Booms

IRTEC’s Spray Boom is a complete mechanized automated spraying irrigation system which is easy to transport from one field to another.

The spray boom-irrigating lateral placed on a wheel trolley above the ground is towed at the far end of the field from the machine main body, which stays near the hydrant. They are connected to each other with a long PE pipe laid on ground.

When operated, the pipe is re-winded on a reel attached to the machine main body and the spray boom on the trolley is dragged backwards irrigating a strip until the full length of the field is covered. These spray booms are compact irrigation systems of low to medium operating pressure. The area irrigated per shift ranges from 0.4 to 2.0 ha depending on the size of the unit.

IRTEC Spray booms are used for the irrigation of forage, grain, potatoes, groundnuts and most agro-industrial field crops. These systems have a large application in supplementary irrigation of cereals (wheat and barley) during the winter months.

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