IRTEC Hose Reel

IRTEC Hose Reels are ideal irrigation systems for odd-shaped fields, corners or fields that are not adjacent to each other. These systems have been designed to be easy to move and easy to operate.

Hose Reels are available in many different models to meet your individual field needs.

TypeModelHose Diameter
Hose length (mt)Rain GunNozzles
GBT63 GBT 15063150Hydra12/14/16
G/A182 A1 18082180Synkro18/20/22
G/C190 C1 30090300Ranger24/26/28
G/C1100 C1 300100300Ranger26/28/30
G/D4100 D4 350100350Ranger26/28/30
G/F4125 F4 400125400Explorer32/34/36
G/F8125 F8 500125500Explorer32/34/36

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