Potato Machinery

530HP 4-row giant: Grimme wheels out its biggest potato harvester yet

Grimme has launched what it describes as “its biggest ever self-propelled potato harvester” onto the market. With no less than 530hp at its disposal (courtesy of a Mercedes engine), the four-rowVentor 4150 comes with a capacious 15t hopper (bunker). According to Grimme, the crucial element of this machine is the integration of the existing “SE principle” into this new harvester. The SE separation system is currently used on the company’s one-row and two-row trailed (bunker-type) machines. The SE system consists of “special”, multi-level conveying, lifting and sieving webs. It also incorporates a “wide-meshed” de-vining web and an inspection platform......

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Two Row Potato Planter With Fertilizer Box

GRIMME has combined two proven systems with the new two-row mounted potato planter GL 32 E and a fertilizer box. The combination of different tasks when planting is essential to optimize output and reduce costs. Furthermore the reduction of ground compaction and the amount of tractor passes play an increasing role. Potato planter is combined with fertilizer boxes during the planting process for under-root fertilization. For the first-time GRIMME has integrate 2 fertilizer boxes with an 80 litre capacity on a two-row potato planter and has not exceed the maximum lifting force of......

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ComfortDrive for potato harvester

Off-set trailed and self-propelled harvesters with large wheels tend to sway – a physical conditions. This reduces the digging output and is uncomfortable for the pickers. The active swaying stability control ComfortDrive keeps the machine in a stable position and can increase digging speed up to 30 %. Without the stability control it is necessary to fit two wheels of different flexibility to avoid the swaying of the machine. For example, if small twin wheels are fitted this creates an unintended high soil compaction. The active levelling cylinder control of the ComfortDrive......

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