Smart Irrigation (SmartIEC)

An Overview

In joint venture with Pak Belgium Agri Pvt. Ltd., Smart Irrigation Engineers & Consultants offers customized services in sales of irrigation machinery.

Smart Irrigation Engineers & Consultants is a professional irrigation products and services provider, offering service design, installation and maintenance of

  • Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
  • Raingun Irrigation systems
  • Landscaping
  • Solar Energy Systems

In partnership with Pak Belgium Agri, SmartIEC offer best available irrigation technologies to ensure your new system or your upgraded/updated system operates at the highest efficiency possible in water management. Get in touch with us if interested in

  • New Irrigation System Installation
  • Existing Irrigation System Upgrades
  • Irrigation System Service and Repairs
  • Pressure-regulated Irrigation Heads (reduced water consumption)
  • Wi-Fi Controllers